The true cost of an exhibit is not how much you
pay for the exhibit its the cost to maintain it.

The installation and dismantle cost at show
The drayage costs and your shipping cost
These cost do not go away they are there each
and every time you go to the show

We think about these costs
We think about these costs as we design and build
your exhibit

The build techniques we use in our shop are solely
designed to save you time and money

Questions to think about

How many exhibit elements pieces do we have?
How long will it take to set up?

Does our crate construction ensures protection of the exhibit
elements while reducing weight, shipping, and drayage expenses?

How much truck space will the crates take?
Are we paying for unused spaces?

If the exhibit house built the exhibit why can’t they guarantee
the set up time, cost?

If you only go to 1 or even 2 shows a year, you probably
should not own an exhibit…..why?